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Online Marketing for your Martial Arts Gym: The Basics

Did you ever visualize a future which your own martial arts studio was a part of? A wild, free, dashing new world where you spend the majority of your time sharing your legacy with open-mouthed, euphoric students that listen with religious reverence and hang on to your every word. Money flows to you like the water in this picture. Children point at you as you walk down the street. Women look at you the way a cat looks at a bowl of cream. Cars break to a screeching halt when you cross the road. “It’s him” - you can hear the hushed undertones - “It’s that guy from The Dragon Fist Studio. Sign me up! I don’t care what it...

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The Wait Is Nearly Over – Canelo vs. GGG

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin have finally put pen to paper, and will give the fans and the boxing industry exactly what it’s been craving for so long. All the talk of ducking one another and the disappointment of seeing them fight anyone else but each other can now stop. In the midst of Alvarez’s very dominant display in the all Mexican clash against the son of a legend, Chavez Jr, Golden Boy was waiting in the wings to announce the blockbuster deal he had struck with K2 Promotions. The fight will take place on September 16 at the prestigious T-Mobile Arena in sunny Las Vegas and will be broadcast live around the world. As well as Golovkin’s...

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

The pipedream is now official - Floyd Mayweather Jr has officially returned to the world of boxing. His opponent? A man many would never have predicted to be fighting the man who retired in 2015. Conor McGregor's meteoric rise from a cocky up and comer on the dole from Ireland to one of the biggest sporting superstars in the world right now is nothing short of mesmerizing.  With the date confirmed for August 26th and the bout taking place in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas - the question on every single person's mind right now, "what can we expect?"    Floyd Mayweather Jr, is quite simply one of the best boxers of his generation. With his immense boxing IQ...

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