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Green Haze A1 Boxing Gloves Velcro

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  • Produced with full-grain cowhide with a semi-aniline finish 
  • Layered combination of EVA, a stiff feel to begin with as the foam distorts to the fighters' hand, a layer of latex foam running through the length of the glove, which gives the foam structure and shape and finished with a layer of our special closed cell foam which gives a soft layer for striking.
  • The wrist foam (all three sections, the cuff, and the two sides of the palm) are composed of EVA foam as it's the sturdiest foam, which means the best wrist support.
  • Piping around the edge of the glove is finished by doing a stitch, fold, and stitch again technique so that there's no stitching through the piping itself, giving it a very clean look

 A1 Fight Gear are the proud Glove sponsors of Scotland's largest MMA show, On Top Promotions