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About Us

With every passing day, the whole world is becoming crazier about boxing, with recent variations like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) also adding fuel to the fire. With things picking up at an unprecedented pace, we thought it was about time we also made some significant contribution to the combat industry, thus creating “A1 FIGHT GEAR”, introducing our own range of premium boxing gloves, along with a whole range of top quality, aesthetically pleasing combat wear at a great price.

We fare better than our competitors because we go the extra mile in everything; from research and conception, to design, willingness to explore new avenues, materials used and craftsmanship. In fact, our range of premium boxing gloves stands out in every aspect including our designs, quality, as well as price. If you are interested in seeing how our boxing gloves are crafted, click here.

In addition to premium boxing gloves, we are also producing top quality t-shirts in different fittings, so that every single one of you can get a chance to wear our A1 apparel, look and feel good in our stylish and comfortable sports gear.

Do you want something designed for your club? We can create any custom order at an amazing price. For a free quotation, contact us here.