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Boxing Gloves

After many months of designing, testing out and choosing colour combinations for many prototypes, we're extremely proud to announce that we now have our first range of boxing gloves in full production and we will be looking to release them before the end of the year.

No expense has been spared in the production of our gloves, we are looking to provide our customers with aesthetically pleasing gloves but also combined with the highest standards of quality and care.

As some of you may know, the boxing glove industry is extremely secretive on how their products are manufactured. Let us give you a little insight on the way our A1 Gloves will be crafted (without giving too much information away)!

Our gloves will be produced using top grain cowhide, around 1mm thick, the leather also has a semi-aniline finish, which provides extra protection to the surface without making it too stiff to work with. The foam is a layered combination of EVA, a layer which shall distort to the shape of the fighters hand, a layer of latex foam running through the length of the glove, which gives the foam structure and shape, and then a layer of our special closed cell foam which gives a soft layer for striking.

The wrist foam (all three sections, the cuff, and the two sides of the palm) are composed of EVA foam as it's the sturdiest foam, which means the best wrist support. The piping around the edge of the glove will be finished by doing a stitch, fold, and stitch again technique so that there's no stitching through the piping itself, giving it a very clean look (same as some of the top brands).

A lot of companies will not let away this much information, but A1 Fight Gear are looking to be as transparent as we can with our customers. We will always ensure our customers have the protection they deserve for their hands and wrists, along with looking great at the same time.

Former World Super Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion Steve "The Colossus" Bonner testing out some A1 prototype gloves.

Steve said:

"The gloves have great comfort and a real snug fit with great protection for regular sparring. You can tell the quality in these gloves are well and above the standard brands".